The Guardian September 10, 2003

Iraqi unions establish links with WFTU

The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) established links with the 
democratic trade unions of Iraq when the General Secretary of the WFTU A 
Zharikov and other Secretariat members, visited Baghdad recently.

Mufid Jazairi, Chief Editor of the newspaper, Tareeq Al Shaab, published in 
Baghdad, met the WFTU visitors. He spoke of the continuing instability, 
disorder and bad living conditions of the population. The recently 
established Iraqi Governing Council is trying to tackle the situation but 
the acute problems cannot be resolved until Iraq obtains full sovereignty, 
which is the main demand of all progressive forces.

He said that the UN and its specialised agencies like the ILO needed to 
provide assistance to this process and urged the NGOs like the WFTU to help 
in achieving normalisation of the situation. He also spoke of developments 
regarding trade union activities in the country.

The WFTU delegation expressed solidarity with the people and workers of 
Iraq who are trying to end the occupation and to re-establish the 
sovereignty of Iraq. The WFTU General Secretary told the Iraqis of the 
efforts of the WFTU and the international trade union movement to assist 
the Iraqi democratic trade union movement.

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