The Guardian September 10, 2003

Happy Labor Day. Now, get a job
A letter from Michael Moore

Greetings Friends

For his part, George W Bush will spend Labor Day doing what he does best B 
not really working. Instead of protecting the country (I'll have much more 
to say on that in the coming weeks) or addressing the nation's floundering 
economy, he'll be raising money for his re-election campaign in Ohio.

Bush is on pace to raise almost $200 million in time for the Republican 
primaries where his only competition will be his own dismal record. In 
Minnesota this past Tuesday, Bush raised $1.4 million by giving a 24-minute 
speech. That's about $60,000 for each minute of "work". By contrast, the 
weekly salary of the average American worker is a staggering $616.

As Ron Eibensteiner, chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, left the 
event in St Paul, he was met by hundreds of demonstrators. Being the 
dignified, freedom-loving, compassionate conservative we all wish we could 
be, Eibensteiner leaned over a police barricade toward the protestors and 
yelled, "GET A JOB!"

It was a positive, uplifting message to America. The Minnesota Republican 
Party isn't going to do anything to turn the economy around, and Bush 
hasn't done anything in almost three years in office. The best any of them 
can do is yell at people.

In the past year, 700,000 people were added to the list of unemployed. The 
number of people out of work for half a year or more is up 28 percent. 
Thanks to "Welfare to Work" (and Bill Clinton), July of 2003 saw 43.8 
percent of the unemployed lose their state support even though they still 
could not find a job  a record high. Since Bush took over the country, 
roughly 2.5 million jobs have simply evaporated.

Bush and the Republicans are going to need every cent of that $200,000,000 
to campaign against an increasingly angry nation of temps and burger 
flippers! In fact, he might need more, which is one good way to explain the 
Republican's recent attempt to paint Bush as an "underdog".

"Democrats and their allies", Bush's campaign chairman Marc Racicot wrote 
to super-rich Republicans, "will have more money to spend attacking the 
President during the nomination battle than we will have to defend him." 
Obviously Bush and his team have a problem with maths that extends beyond 
the $400 billion deficit we'll have by the end of this year (and the 
projected $6 trillion deficit we will have amassed ten years from now under 
Bush's guidance).

If you look at the campaign fundraising so far, you see that Bush has 
already raised $35 million. The closest Democratic candidate, John Kerry, 
doesn't even have half that. Does the Bush campaign know something we don't 
about where the Democrats are hiding all that money?

And who has been giving Bush all this money in a time of prolonged economic 
downturn? Why, the companies that trade in money, of course! Of the top 20 
contributor's to the Bush campaign, 12 are finance companies. With more 
than a year to go until the election, his top contributor, Merrill Lynch, 
has already given $282,250.

Doesn't it seem just a little strange that the companies which SHOULD be 
suffering the most in Bush's destroyed economy, would not only want to keep 
Junior around, but then get together and pump millions into his re-election 

As for the Bush protestors in Minnesota, and the unemployed across the 
country, and the millions who only make minimum wage, and the 40 million 
who don't have health insurance: if you can't rake in $60,000 a minute  
or if you can't even manage the $616 weekly American average  there's 
only one thing left for you to do this Labor Day: GET A JOB!

Find a temp agency. Go to Wal-Mart. Join the Army (Lord knows we'll be in 
Iraq for a while, and that'll be one handsome, steady pay cheque).

Or apply for work at the Minnesota Republican Party's office. Here's their 
email address: Send them your resume and a nice letter 
telling them you've decided to take their advice to "GET A JOB"  and 
you're coming to work for them!

But whatever you do, you really must quit your whining.

You are scaring the "President".


Michael Moore

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