The Guardian October 1, 2003

London leads worldwide anti-war protests

Organisers of a demonstration held in London last weekend report that 
100,000 people rallied in Trafalgar square to protest the occupation of 
Iraq and to demand freedom for Palestine.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Stop the War Coalition and the 
Muslim Association of Britain provided the opportunity for the mass 
outpouring of anger at the role of the British Government in the war on 
Iraq, its occupation of that country and the scandal surrounding the 
"weapons of mass destruction" pretext for the UK's entry into the war.

At the rally, Labour MP George Galloway spoke of "...a very dangerous 
diversion, a false dichotomy which is emerging in this debate  whether or 
not Iraq should be controlled by a group of foreigners with blue helmets or 
a group of foreigners with stars and stripes. Foreign occupiers are not the 
solution to Iraq's problem, they are Iraq's problem."

Anti-war protests also took place in Dublin and Edinburgh where 1500 
demonstrators marched. About 3000 protested in Paris and a similar number 
took the anti-war message to the gates of the US Embassy in Athens. More 
than 2000 marched to the centre of Seoul. There were also protests in 
Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, New York and San Francisco.

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