The Guardian October 22, 2003

Hope for the Salvadoran People Nidia Diaz

About 100 people attended a public meeting on October 15 in 
Perth, WA, to hear Nidia Diaz, a representative of the FMLN 
(Farabundo Marti for National Liberation Front) of El Salvador 
and Member of the Central American Parliament. Diaz is the one of 
the highest-ranking FMLN representatives to visit Australia. She 
visited Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth to 
mobilise the support of the Latin American community and to 
initiate the Salvadoran Solidarity Committees for Change. Diaz is 
of the opinion that current political trends in South America and 
FMLN's lead in the polls, give it a good chance of winning the 
general elections in March 2004. She urged Salvadorans and 
Australians alike to support the activities of the FMLM and to 
send international observers to El Salvador for the general 

For more information about the FMLM and on how to become an 
international observer, visit:

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