The Guardian October 22, 2003

"Dangerous game" says Syrian CP

In a strongly worded statement the Syrian Communist Party has 
condemned the recent Israeli attack on an inhabited area near the 
outskirts of Damascus, the capital city of Syria.

"By expanding the arena of its aggression, Israel aims to 
overcome the critical difficulties it is facing due to the brave 
resistance of the Palestinian people who are struggling for their 
national rights and to end the unjust occupation."

"Israel is playing a dangerous game", says the statement. "The 
Syrians know very well how to protect their pride, independence 
and freedom. They have never bowed to aggressors and never will.

"It is very obvious", says the statement, "that Zionist Israel 
would not be able to perpetrate its aggressive actions against 
the Arab people, without the continuous integrated support by 
American imperialism".

The Syrian CP calls on people around the world to denounce the 
Israeli aggression.

"We call for expanding the campaign in the Arabic countries to 
boycott American goods and interests.

"Arab countries that still have normal relations with Israel are 
invited to break off these relations", concludes the Syrian Party 

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