The Guardian November 19, 2003

Iraq: new US policy of strike and stroke

Out of the flurry of discussions in the White House, the US 
administration has adopted a "new" policy which can best be 
described as "strike and stroke". This change in approach is in 
response to the stepped up resistance of the Iraqi people to the 
occupation of their country and to the deaths of an increasing 
number of US troops.

One side of the policy is code-named "iron hammer". It calls for 
"tough" suppression of every sign of opposition. Houses are being 
raided with the troops smashing down the doors of the homes of 
Iraqi families. Helicopters are buzzing in the skies and at least 
one guided missile has been fired.

This use of the iron fist is the classical response of 
imperialism when confronted with the fact that the people of a 
country oppose being occupied and exploited.

At the same time we are told that the hand-over of the 
administration to an Iraqi administration is to be speeded up. 
This claim does not signify any genuine intention to hand power 
to an independent and democratically elected Iraqi government. It 
is merely a manoeuvre to cover the continued occupation by US 
troops and to give the illusion of self-government.

Paul Bremer, the US administrator was able to immediately 
announce that this allegedly "independent" administration had 
agreed to the continued stationing of US troops in the country  
even though it has still to be established. What independence?

At the same time it was announced that Americans would draft a 
future Iraqi Constitution.

US corporations have already moved in to seize control of Iraqi 
resources, particularly oil and other, at present, publicly owned 
infrastructure and enterprises. This includes the Iraqi media 
which will then be declared to be "free".

Iraq would continue to be economically, politically and 
militarily controlled.

The only genuine way forward for the Iraqi people is the 
expulsion of the "coalition" occupation forces  the US, 
British, Australian, Polish, Spanish and others military forces. 
Only when their country is free of the occupiers will the Iraqi 
people be able to decide freely their own future.

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