The Guardian November 19, 2003

Dearest Mothers of US Soldiers in Iraq:

As an Algerian mother who lost her son in the course of the 
tragic war that has torn my country apart, I denounce the crime 
that took so many lives at the World Trade Center on September 
11, 2001. But I also denounce the heinous crimes committed by the 
US Government in the name of the victims of 9/11.

I embrace the courageous mothers of the victims of the World 
Trade Center who have said, "Don't invade Afghanistan or Iraq in 
our name."

And I embrace the mothers of US soldiers in Iraq who have spoken 
out against the war and occupation of Iraq.

I reach out to all mothers of US soldiers in Iraq  white or 
Black. Your sons and daughters, with their beautiful faces, 
having grown up in such great splendour, should not be placed in 
harm's way by Bush, whose only concern is oil and profit for a 
tiny few.

Your sons and daughters should return from Iraq to their homes in 
the United States  immediately.

I want to end by saying that the mothers of these US soldiers and 
victims who have taken a stand against the unjust war in our 
region have given me  and given all of us  great hope in the 
future of humanity. And for that I thank them from the bottom of 
my heart.

Dalila Kouidri

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