The Guardian November 26, 2003

Green ban holds up NSW Government privatisation

Building workers have gone into bat for Pyrmont public housing 
residents and the wider community over the future of land the 
State Government is determined to flog off to private 

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) has 
imposed an interim Green Ban on the Sydney Water Police site at 
Elizabeth McArthur Bay, Pyrmont, to prevent development while 
negotiations on the future of the prized site continue.

The move puts the CFMEU at loggerheads with the Government's 
Harbour Foreshore Authority, which is moving to sell off the 
publicly owned land.

CFMEU Secretary, Andrew Ferguson, said the Green Ban should 
provide a "breathing space" that allowed residents and the wider 
community time to intervene in the Authority's plan for the area.

"The Foreshore Authority doesn't own this unique site", Ferguson 
said. "They merely administer it on behalf of the people of 
Sydney. We intend to ensure the people have some opportunity to 
have a say in what that future should be.

"Building unions have a long tradition of defending our parkland, 
public space and heritage buildings. In recent years the CFMEU 
has placed successful bans on a proposed McDonald's restaurant in 
Centennial Park and at the MCA site in Circular Quay."

Workers Online reports that the Foreshore Authority has 
already filed for a Development Application that would pave the 
way for a purchaser to build on a site which is a prime 
recreational area for nearby residents.

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Acknowledgement Workers Online

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