The Guardian
Issue No: 1122January 22, 2003

Editorial: The world's people demand peace
People power can stop war
Peace actions details
The nuclear weapons issue
Perth peace rally a big success
National Sorry Day
Some are more equal than others
Sanitarium says unions
     "satanic" and "unclean"

Centrelink workers hold out for union EBA
Pt Kembla Copper industrial dispute flares
Victory to Buildtech workers
Asylum seeker issues dog government
That's capitalism.
Obituary: "Auntie Maggie" (1920-2002)
SA Electricity turn off the lights
Coffee wars
Venezuelan masses back Chavez
Vieques: "Say NO to war"
Britain: Blast from the past
Israel: Conscientious objectors on hunger strike
Sharon and sons in trouble
USA: GE strike hits health care costs
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Dubbya having a hard time: People reject war
     A Labour imperialist: Tony Blair in the spotlight