The Guardian
Issue No: 1125February 12, 2003

     Anti-Bush war is not Anti-Americanism

World Communist Parties for peace
From the Pacific
Millions act against war
To kill Iraq
     The reasons why, by Michael Parenti

A tale of two malls
Powell's Hollywood theatre rejected
Speaking of security
Five questions for the Prime Minister
Will Iraq war be an Australian war crime?
Psycho-babble and anti-Americanism
Nuclear dump scandal drags on
Significant court win for asylum seekers
Greek Australians rally against war
A dirty piece of business
Unions rally in support of Kingham
South Australian TAFE needs
     urgent injection of funding

Living on the edge
Israel: Labour-led election debacle
Movie Review: About Schmidt
Lucas Heights protest
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Ideological cantata: The work of Ervin Schulhof
     A crime by any other name: Spiking drinks
     A tale of two monuments:
     Carr: anti-environmentalist