The Guardian
Issue No: 1127February 26, 2003

Editorial: Some immediate tasks
     for the peace movement

Howard Government killing Medicare
Build the peace movement CPA statement
Insult to Pt Adelaide Kaurna history
Tent Embassy
     "We can walk side by side in this land"

NSW teachers confront parties
Terror raid on building site
Teachers act to move the QLD Government
Peace is union business
Book review My Country, My World
Pearl Jam back better than ever
French garden rediscovered
Battle of the currencies
     Background to war on Iraq

"Coalition of the Killing"
Korea: US sinks armistice
Most Israelis want peace
United Nations opinion
     swings against Bush's war

Will history repeat itself
Michael Moore bowls them over
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Questions answered: A mystery unravelled
     Confidence in the PM needed, urgently!:
     Tale of a curious letter