The Guardian
Issue No: 1129March 12, 2003

Editorial: Better manager of the system
No reason for war
The days and nights of the dead
Yorta Yorta to seek UN help
"Books Not Bombs" Students protest
Telstra cuts services to disabled
NSW Election: the people deserve better
International Women's Day marches
Global "Unions for Women" campaign
BHP locks out South Coast Steel unions
Review Third World Resurgence
Greens Corporate Donations Campaign
     Interview with MLC Lee Rhiannon

Castro speaks for the dark corners
     of the world

Water: Australia typical of global neglect
Greece MP's and trade unions act
     to stop war

India Left front victory in Tripura elections
Stalin's death commemorated
Israel demolishes houses in Kafr Qasem
USA fair tax campaign begins
Professor crucified by US authorities
Colombia: voices speak out
     against US intervention

TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     The return of anti-Sovietism:
     Communists still in firing line