The Guardian
Issue No: 1132April 2, 2003

Editorial: Demonstrations and violence
American Empire
     US plans for world domination

Jailing our women
New push for media deregulation
Some lessons from student anti-war networking
Former Ansett workers still waiting payment
Cobar draws line in the sand
Cole Commission delivers for the government
Nipping surveillance in the bud
Memo to Miranda
WA protest on Baghdad war damage
Duck for cover military danger in WA
Communist Party of Iraq statement
Mike Moore shares a few truths
     with George W

Leonard Peltier speaks out against US war
Firing squad
Massive anti-war demonstrations continue
Day of shame John Pilger
Russian analysis of Iraq war
     Objectives not met

Cuban government statement
Middle East
     thousands march against Bush, Sharon

UN Resolutions vetoed by the USA
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     "Moscow Trials":
     Bourgeois historians on trial