The Guardian
Issue No: 1138May 21, 2003

Editorial: The defunct G-G
User pays budget summary
     "No longer will the Government provide"

Medicare Labor's "down payment"
Dismantling the ABC
University funding and fee "reforms"
     reinforce privilege

Support Morris McMahon workers
"Thanks Nurse"
     unless you work in aged care

Callan Park historic site going for a pittance
Ring the bell that still can ring
Are we afraid to call this "fascism"?
Collecting data on everyone
Southern Journeys (the film)
International Longshoremen call for peace,
     not war

War in Iraq and the right to water
Israeli forces raid
     Palestinian communists headquarters

Cuba has nothing to hide
Solidarity with Indian trade unions
A ploy against women
Drowning pacific nation abandoned by Australia
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Collecting loot: Iraq's treasures go west?