The Guardian
Issue No: 1140June 4, 2003

     Leaders chop and change. What about policy?

Detention centres
Resistance grows to Nelson's university plans
Government axes migrant service
Budget 2003-04:
     war of attrition against the poor

Protest bridge
The mythical world of Morris McMahon
Sanitarium casts democracy into hell's fire
Media ownership changes behind
     bias ABC attack

Bhopal disaster victims struggle for peace
Nepalese king sets up loyal dictatorship
The necessity of the joint people's movement
Express solidarity with
     "School of Assassins" protestors

Bush's AIDS funds with strings
US hands off Cuba
US schools not jails
Congo's fighting serves corporate interests
Mexico: release political prisoners!
US counter-revolutionary moves against Cuba
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Faking it: The secrets of the History Channel