The Guardian
Issue No: 1141June 11, 2003

Editorial: Investigate and expose the lies
Racism and fear mongering behind terror raids
Stop the Liberal power grab
A people's budget
US media cave-in.
     Howard Government tickled pink

The gene genie threatens workplaces
Workers' sacrifices rewarded with the sack
Textile, clothing workers demand end
     to tariff cuts

Not so clever government
Wollongong. The ultimate piss off
Bush's Middle East road show
Iraq: Silent Crimes
US isolated and despised
Coca Cola in the dock
Korean Lullaby by Howard Fast
French workers defend pensions
UN deems Morocco as
     Western Sahara's administrative power

Anger at deaths of 19 immigrants
Protests and splits mark G8 summit
California: Students on huger fast
Sent back to Iran and not seen again
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Paranoid in America: Bowling for Columbine