The Guardian
Issue No: 1142June 18, 2003

Editorial: Round one to Crean
Colonial ambitions: Australia's plan
     to take over the Soloman Islands

Israeli assassination condemned
ASIO set to get enhanced secret police powers
"Political cover-up" of corruption allegations
Third party access to Queensland rail network
Manufacturing workers wage crucial struggle
Queensland teachers hit with wage freeze
Quarantine Station: Carr Government sell-out
Human shield reports on Palestine situation
In defence of the public sector
A poem about: Two Amercian women
Australia-Cuba Friendship Society
     National Consultation

Activists say: "Bring down the wall"
Peace Now! Dump Bush!
US plans death camp
Britain: The first victory
The murder of the Rosenbergs
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Dusted: The biggest terrorist of them all