The Guardian
Issue No: 1145July 9, 2003

Editorial: Things to come
Join the campaign to save Medicare
Rokke condemns depleted uranium use
Labor's green light to ASIO Bill
Support for Cuba
Asylum seekers forcibly sent to
     Christmas Island

Howard Government report: let the elderly pay
Victory for Morris McMahon workers
Electrolux tries to rub out union
Ten appalling lies we were told about Iraq
US unions win bitter struggle against Rio Tinto
Israel's savage attack on the BBC
Israeli "refuseniks" go to trial
Iraq, a battle in a longer war (part 3)
To return Iraq to real life
     Interview with ICP General Secretary

Workers tell Bush: "Hands off overtime"
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     History and the G-G: to rewrite it