The Guardian
Issue No: 1146July 16, 2003

Editorial: What has David Hicks done?
Government's university funding outrage
Editors must resign Geoff Clarke statement
The new colonisers set to go
Howard Government's secret grab
     for nuke waste dump

Flinders University victory military
Angry teachers consider nationwide action
Job Network meltdown
Howard: Destroying Medicare
     & Feeding Insurance Companies

Unsafe, unhealthy, unsightly
Iraqi Governing Council set up.
     Communist leader included.

People's Progressive Party joins
     Cyprus Government

New threats of war against North Korea
India: Farmers ask for seed. Get bullets
Morale of US troops in Iraq plummets
Book Review: Nest Of Traitors
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     More rewriting of history:
     Manne, Henderson and Orwell