The Guardian
Issue No: 1156September 24, 2003

Editorial: Intervention and standover in PNG
Protest against Butcher Bush
Teachers action great success
The Colombian Three: Bring them home
Genetically modified food introduced by stealth
Students and staff brace themselves
     for higher education attacks

"People's bank" scraps people
Lion King child actors protected
Smorgon Steel workers:
     Still going strong 200 days on

Good response to CPA Medicare campaign
Proposed reforms will leave 200,000 destitute
SACP & COSATU have firm relationship
Interview with Hugo Chavez
Murder of a communist leader in Colombia
Rough ride for US economy
Broad support for Yale strikes
With or without Arafat
US $1.6 trillion needed for US infrastructure
Cole Commission looked in the wrong places
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Profitable business:
     War, a capitalist money-spinner