The Guardian
Issue No: 1157October 1, 2003

Editorial: Are the ALP leaders
     determined to lose the next election?

Funding blackmail.
     Industrial uproar in universities

ATSIC thanks union movement
Venezuelan revolution belongs to the world
Protest in Fremantle at USS Higgins
Stolen wages campaign
WA public servants to take action
Grocon sacks MCG workers
Demagogues on the denial bandwagon
Queen vs Burgess and Saunders
Making enemies of our neighbours
Afghanistan two years after "liberation"
The stench of corruption
"Slaughter Every Night" in Iraq
UN says to Bush:
     "You made the mess, you fix it"

London leads worldwide anti-war protests
US Elections: Vanishing Act
"Don't be Bush-Whacked".
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Kids stuff: Sesame Street exposed