The Guardian
Issue No: 1158October 8, 2003

     Exchange rates are economic and political

Services for all or tax cuts for a few
Action against nuclear dump in SA
Waterfront days in Adelaide re-lived
Insurance crisis threatens public hospitals
Reshuffling the head kickers
University staff to strike over funding
Building unions face biggest challenge
Corporate greed leads to closure
Gusher gives "Yee ha" to Buttock promotion
Crunch time for Australia's arts and media
Chile: Globalising solidarity
Deceit and dirty tricks on Iraq
Why there's no peace in Palestine
Background to Iran nuclear power station
The true heroes of Israel
Venezuela: Food in exchange for rubbish
Silencing the truth. The war on al-Jazeera
Chilean teachers one day strike
Bush out, says Soros
East Timorese workers threaten strike
Don't be Bush-Whacked Part 2:
     The UN and Sea Swap

TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Conspiracy theories: Diana revisited