The Guardian
Issue No: 1159October 15, 2003

     Indonesian & Australian militarists gather

Howard's power grab
A slap in the face for Auburn residents
Campaign to save Medicare marches on
The solution: A strong public health system
Carr Government's harbour plans condemned
Nurses win long back-pay struggle
Otis electricians four day strike
Universities strike back
John Pilger: Break the silence
The conflict in West Papua
The Guantanamo hellhole
Red Cross blasts Guantanamo prison
Islamic nations tell US to leave Iraq
Voter frustration and Schwarzenegger election
Protests in Turkey over Iraq troop commitment
US warns NZ:
     The elephant never forgives or forgets

Sharon/Bush threaten wider Mid-East war
Russian people could take new direction
The Bush resumé
George Dubya is coming to town
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Death squads, gansters and unwelcome visitors:      The Right get away with murder