The Guardian
Issue No: 1161October 29, 2003

Editorial: Let us welcome Hanan Ashrawi
CPA applauds Peace Prize to Hanan Ashrawi
US & China: two options to Australia
USA: war, intervention, western interests
China: peace, co-operation, respect
Bush visit: rush to Free Trade Agreement
Government sued for negligence and abuse
Private health crisis in Sth Australia
Siex X Anniversary
Building workers lives on the line
Maternity leave win in Brisbane Council
A reminder of Vietnam
Adelaide refuses to be Bush-whacked
Necessity of ending US blockade on Cuba
Israeli CP leader's car bombed
California: strikes for health care
Australia: a pariah state as well as sheriff
Greece: stop prosecuting anti-war protesters
Gambling: corporations move for the kill
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Pianos and vox pops:
     Turning the screws on freedom
     Speaking of rebels:
     War is so 20th Century!