The Guardian
Issue No: 1163November 12, 2003

Editorial: Hate, intolerance & The Australian
Government's savage anti-worker Bills
Australia dumps nuclear disarmament at UN
Zionist lobby falls flat over Ashrawi
Fourteen refugees arrive, 4000 islands depart!
Higher Education:
     Howard Government facing defeat in Senate

South Australian students protest
     against higher education attacks

Plans to reduce regulation of on job training
Strike action hits "trial" elections
Workplace fatality in Victoria
Labour Notes
Book Review:
     Covert Action, the roots of terrorism

Tales from working life: Stolen Lives Part II
The canaries in the mineshaft
Dr Hannan Ashrawi: "Peace is not a question
     of legitimacy, but of humanity"

"Play fair" with East Timor
Record UN vote against Cuba blockade
US Women urge big turnout for April march
West Papuan leader murdered
"Free trade" not what it seems
World briefs
Homeland Security arrests
National TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Culture and Life
     Vandalising films:...for profit, of course