The Guardian
Issue No: 1167December 10, 2003

Editorial: Looking back over 2003
Seasons Greetings
Star wars madness
Howard, Vaile push for Free Trade Agreement
Carr Government passes Auburn rubbish dump
SBS target of Vietnamese news campaign
A warning for activists
Blackout hangs over Sydney
Public servants strike in WA
Film Review: Goodbye Lenin
New law criminalises ASIO disclosure
Tightening of mortgage belts
Higher education legislation passed
Serbian SP to make strong
     challenge in elections

What really happened
     in the Iraqi city of Samarra

African Americans in peril under Patriot Act
Ecuador: Peasant activist assassinated
US pressure on Iran
Nicaragua: The crisis deepens
TV programs worth watching
Labour notes
Global briefs
Culture and Life
     Terrorism and drugs: The phoney war on drugs