The Guardian February 18, 2004

Expert says:
no point in looking for WMD in Iraq

Speaking at a news conference last week, the former chief of 
the group of experts responsible for finding those elusive 
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, David Kay, said that there 
was no point in continuing the search as they "really did not 

"My personal conclusion is that there were no large stockpiles of 
chemical and biological weaponised material", he said.

Hans Blix, the UN-appointed head of a weapons inspection team had 
come to the same conclusion almost a year ago, before the US 
military and its axis of "evil willing" unleashed their super 
military power on the economically crippled country of Iraq.

Pre-war political hysteria, aided and abetted by embedded and 
willing media moguls and their spin doctors was nothing but a 
smokescreen for an illegal aggression against a sovereign 

People in their millions demonstrated against the war  their 
voices were ignored. Now the three main players are trying to 
wriggle out of taking on the responsibility for what they have 

George W Bush once again is trying to frighten people into voting 
for him.

Speaking at the National Defense University last week he said: 
"The greatest threat to humanity today is the possibility of 
secret and sudden attack with chemical or biological or 
radiological or nuclear weapons".

The US President did everything possible to undermine the UN 
before the attack on Iraq. Now he is planning to do the same to 
the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Why? There is a proposal by the director general of the IAEA, 
Mohamed El Baradei, of creating an international, multilateral 
organisation to control the production of all nuclear fuel in the 

If it went ahead as proposed, the USA would be subject to nuclear 
inspections and treated as any other country.

That is not what the Bush administration wants to hear as it 
proceeds with research on "bunker busting" and mini nuclear 
weapons and missile defence program in its pursuit of global 

It is really high time to stop all this madness and demand real, 
worldwide disarmament.

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