The Guardian May 12, 2004

Bush on Arab TV

In a clumsy attempt at "damage control" in the wake of the 
outrage provoked by the exposure of the US torture of Iraqi 
prisoners President Bush gave brief interviews to the Al Hurra 
satellite station, the American government propaganda outlet, and 
the Al Arabiya network.

Bush's aim was to transform the President (or at least his 
image), with a record of sadistic pleasure in violence and death 
(from the execution of condemned prisoners in Texas to the 
killing fields of Iraq and Afghanistan), into a sensitive, caring 

Bush told Al Hurra that America "sent troops into Iraq to promote 
freedom" and that the US goal "was a peaceful, democratic, self-
governing Iraq".

The President said, "We want to help Iraq. We've made a 
commitment. And the United States will keep that commitment 
because we believe in freedom and we believe the people of Iraq 
want to be free".

But everyone knows that it is waging a colonial war of plunder 
aimed at controlling Iraq's natural resources.

After telling his viewers that what had happened in the Baghdad 
prison were the "actions of a few people", he went on to say that 
"I want to know the full extent of the operations in Iraq, the 
prison operations. We want to make sure that if there is a 
system-wide problem that we stop the practices." In other words, 
Bush does not know whether or not the torture is the "actions of 
a few people".

To admit the possibility of "systemic" abuse of thousands of 
Iraqi prisoners makes a mockery of claims that the US mission is 
to bring freedom and democracy to Iraq.

In this TV broadcast Bush made the idiotic and ignorant statement 
that "Iraqis are sick of foreign people coming in[to] their 
country and trying to destablise their country".

Will the US Government change its ways following these 
disclosures? The answer is NO! US imperialism has for many years 
employed assassins and death squads in many countries  
Nicaragua, Chile, Colombia, and El Salvador  to name but a few.

The US ruling elite, which is now represented by the most 
depraved leaders ever to occupy the White House, has set out on a 
course of world domination and it will respond to the current 
exposures by committing even greater crimes. That is the logic of 
these enemies of humanity  the new Nazis.

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