The Guardian June 30, 2004

The hand-over in Iraq

The early hand-over of authority by the administrator of the 
US occupiers to the interim Prime Minister of Iraq is in 
recognition of the fact that the invasion and occupation have 

However, the claim that sovereignty has been restored, that power 
has been handed to Iraqi authorities and that the occupation has 
ended, is not yet reality. None-the-less this step provides new 
opportunities to the Iraqi people and their worldwide supporters 
to intensify the struggle for these objectives.

The occupation will only end when all occupying troops are 

Sovereignty will only be fully restored when the economy is in 
the hands of the Iraqi people.

Power will only be in the hands of Iraqi authorities when a new 
government is democratically elected.

The Iraqi people need the support of every progressive activist 
from political parties, trade unions and community organisations 
to help bring the occupation to an end, to restore sovereignty 
and give the Iraqi people power in their country and over their 

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