The Guardian September 22, 2004

Iraq war illegal say legal experts and Kofi Annan

In a recent BBC interview UN Secretary General Kofi Annan 
displeased Bush, Blair and Howard by declaring that their 
invasion and occupation of Iraq was and is illegal because it 
breached the United Nations Charter. These leaders, including 
Howard, immediately rushed to declare the opposite.

So who is right and who decides what is right and wrong in the 

Among the world's foremost experts in the field of international 
law, the overwhelming jurisprudential consensus is that the 
Anglo-American invasion, conquest, and occupation of Iraq 
constitute three phases of one illegal war of aggression.

These experts are none other that the world's foremost 
international law experts who make up the prestigious 
International Commission of International Law Jurists who 
prepared a statement called The Legality Of The Iraq War. (Find 
it by scrolling down approximately one quarter of the way, after 
you've clicked onto this website:

This document was drafted and signed by the world's foremost 
international law experts to provide ultimate proof of their 
authoritative opinion concerning the legal status of the war 
against Iraq.

Furthermore, this large body of eminent international law experts 
explicitly stated that they'd drafted their legal document in 
order to advise Messrs. Bush and Blair prior to the invasion: (1) 
that it would be blatantly illegal under international law for 
the Anglo-American belligerents to invade Iraq; and (2) that 
their joint decision as Commanders-in-Chief to commence 
hostilities would constitute prosecutable war crimes.

These experts deem both preventive wars and preemptive strikes to 
be euphemistic subcategories of outlawed wars of aggression.

They draw three conclusions. It is the overwhelming consensus of 
the world's foremost international law experts that:

(1) UN Secretary General Annan's opinion is correct;

(2) the opinion of the "Coalition of the Willing's" leaders is 

(3) therefore, Americans must break free of the neocons' self-
delusional mentality by learning to differentiate between fact 
and fabrication.

Their advice is to reject the temptation to vote for Messrs Bush 
and Cheney, because:

(1) both men were advised beforehand that their decision to 
commence the invasion of Iraq would be blatantly illegal under 
international law;

(2) they invaded nonetheless, and now they are cynically 
attempting to mislead the public again by falsely arguing that 
"The Iraq War was legal!";

(3) their argument is legally-meritless nonsense; and

(4) they have repeatedly demonstrated their disdain for universal 
human rights and democratic governance under the rule of law.

* * *
Acknowledgement to International Clearing House

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