The Guardian
Issue No: 1171February 18, 2004

Editorial: How to defeat the FTA
CPA statement on FTA
Anger erupts in Redfern
Multi-million dollar racism
Joan Winch's playing field
NSW rail dispute:
     Government seeks scapegoats

Government gains power to
     outlaw organisations

South Australian public servants
     in tough EBA battle

Australia Post workers
     resist cuts, restructuring

Agribusiness in huge water scam
Sport cuts: "Everyone's ABC"?
Socialism today challenges
The 10 worst corporations of 2003
Beware of computers that count votes
COSATU deplores brutal murder
     of farm worker

Biopiracy of wheat "created by
     generations of dedicated farmers"

Canada: Modern Plating strike
     passes two years

Pentagon used US citizens
     to test chemical and biological weapons

No economic solution
     without political alternatives

Expert says:
     no point in looking for WMD in Iraq

TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Labour notes
Global briefs
Culture and Life
     Ecological disasters
     Looming nightmare