The Guardian
Issue No: 1178April 7, 2004

Editorial: Defending murder
Secrecy hid criminal medical mistreatment
New terror laws violate more civil rights
US soldier faces jail; refusal to return to Iraq
Drinking uranium
Students' Day of Action
Privatising our water
Hardie ducks asbestos claims
Esso lockout threatens Victorian gas
Accounts of Bougainville women's struggles
Speak your mind on FTA
Four days that shook Spain
Coke is not it
Best health insurance deal in the US
Intimidation, fraud mark El Salvador vote
Who decides: women or the government?
Archbishop Oscar Romero honoured
Terrorist in the US delegation
     to Human Rights Commission

The costs of perpetual war
National strike in Greece
The "disappeared" in South America:
     Memory of the horror

TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Dingo bites
Global briefs
Culture and Life
     America under siege?