The Guardian
Issue No: 1190July 7, 2004

Editorial: A new power in the land
Kill Terror Bill No. 2
Locking Australia into more wars
My First Wild Week with Fahrenheit 9/11
Silencing us
NSW electricity: Privatisation by attrition
Palestine Peace Vigil in Adelaide
Smokers lose in health warnings back down
Smoke-free workplaces
Howard's last minute attack on workers
Meeting on WA Government "in-sourcing"
CBA workers national day of action
Aged care: a bleak picture
Crikey Irwin feeds his staff AWAs
Draining Ballarat Bigpond?
What to do with the "undeserving poor"?
US steps up aggression towards Cuba
USA: Court voids President's power grab
Pakistan: Appeal for solidarity
NATO prepares to engage in Middle East
Where did the $20 billion go?
Opposition to NATO Summit in Turkey
TV programs worth watching
Letters to the Editor
Dingo bytes
Labour notes
Culture and Life:
     Of ships, seamen & counter-revolution