The Guardian 25 January, 2006

US bombs Pakistan

Last week’s bombing of a village in Pakistan is one of a number of recent bombardments by US forces from over the Afghanistan border. The US bombing of Damadola village about 50km inside Pakistan resulted in death of 18 people including children.

"Apart from the sorrow aspect of the incident, the naked aggression by the head of international imperialism has raised the fundamental question again of the sovereignty of the country", the Communist Party of Pakistan said in a statement issued by its Central Secretariat.

The statement said that the lack of information from the Pakistan Government and its failure to take a strong stand in response to the repeated violations of Pakistan airspace by US forces "gives an impression that the freedom and sovereignty of the state has been sold out in the name of co-operation in the so-called war on terror.

"The people of Pakistan expect complete and detailed information about the incident from the authorities of Pakistan. They have a right to have a clear cut answer of whether these border violations are taking place with or without the permission of Government of Pakistan.

The Communist Party of Pakistan condemned the acts of aggression by the US and has appealed to all patriotic forces of the country to unite and force the undemocratic rulers to review the fundamentals of their foreign policy.

"Political forces must send a message that bargaining the sovereignty of the land for prolongation of military rule will not be allowed."

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