The Guardian 22 November, 2006

Murdoch gives Australians a lecture

The purpose behind the visit of Rupert Murdoch to Australia last week seems to have been to lecture Australia on the danger of the developing anti-Americanism that, so he says, is prevalent in Europe.

He also attended a rich-man’s dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney at which the establishment of a US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney was announced.

The names of those attending the dinner reads like a corporate Who’s Who. Of course the Prime Minister was there, fawning on his American patrons. The CEOs or Chairmen of Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, Dow Chemicals, National Australia Bank, Boeing Australia, Merrill Lynch Australia, and Jamie Packer from Consolidated Press Holdings, were also there to mention only a few.

Other companies that are listed as benefactors or sponsors include David Jones, the Pratt Foundation, Westpac, Alcoa, Citigroup, Foxtel and, to its shame, the University of Sydney.

Howard announced that the Federal Government is to give $25 million of taxpayers’ money to the University centre and Malcolm Turnbull was able to get his name in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) by donating $25,000 to bring a "leading US thinker" to the centre.

Labor Party figures attending the function included Bob Carr who is listed as an adviser to the American Australian Association. That does not come as a surprise recalling that Bob Carr sold the old Sydney Showground to Murdoch’s Foxtel for a song and joined the Macquarie Bank. Maurice Iemma the current NSW Premier was also there together with former Labor PM Gough Whitlam. The price of the dinner is said to have been up to $35,000 a table.

Another player in this roundup of the American faithful is public broadcaster SBS which the SMH says has indicated it would like to join as a "media partner". Both the ABC and SBS are increasingly showing their bias towards things American. They give top billing to every statement made by the war-criminal Bush and are steadily dumbing-down their news coverage which obscures the realities of the present world situation.


Murdoch told this gathering of the converted that Australians "must resist and reject the facile, reflexive, unthinking anti-Americanism that has gripped much of Europe. He complained that surveys have shown such sentiment to be more prevalent than ever, and perhaps even on the rise."

He excused Howard from this saying that since he became Prime Minister "the working relationship between Canberra and Washington has arguably never been stronger".

Murdoch claimed that the development of anti-American sentiments, "even the beginnings of such a turn" would "lessen the benign influence we jointly exert on the world". Far from being a "benign" influence on the world, the policies being pursued by the Bush and Howard Governments are a malignant influence bringing wars, poverty, instability and conflict wherever they go.

Attempting to take the long view, Murdoch warned against making a judgement just taking into account "legitimate doubts about one policy or one American administration".

The fact is that anti-Americanism has been developing steadily for decades. It was President Kennedy that launched the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, began the invasion of Vietnam and supported the militarist governments of most Latin American states.

President Clinton was responsible for the break up of Yugoslavia and the bombing of that country.

President Bush (senior) was the first to invade Iraq in 1990 to be followed by his President son who has invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq for the second time.

Successive Presidents have imposed economic policies through their control of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. They have almost totally neglected the real dangers of climate change.

In their attempts to spread their domination of the world, the US has established military bases in more than 100 countries (including Australia) and brought death, destruction and poverty.

It is not only in Europe that anti-American sentiments are on the rise but throughout the world.

Murdoch, Howard and their corporate friends are not going to be able to stem the tide no matter how many millions of dollars they spend on trying to brainwash Australia’s citizens. Bush and Howard have both signalled that they intend to continue the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan. They stand by and fully support every crime committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

So long as these policies continue, anti-Americanism will continue to grow, not because people are "unthinking" as Murdoch claims but because they are thinking and are no longer prepared to swallow the lies of Bush, Howard and Murdoch.

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