The Guardian 5 November, 2008

Pakistan: Unanimous Senate
resolution blasts US attacks

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Senate last week strongly condemned missile attacks by US drones in Pakistani territory amidst parliamentariansí demands for implementation of the resolution unanimously passed at the conclusion of the in-camera parliamentary session.

Leader of the House in the Senate Raza Rabbani tabled a resolution in the House to condemn US drone attacks, which was endorsed unanimously. He assured the House that the US ambassador would be summoned to register Pakistanís protest. He said the National Assembly speaker would constitute a committee to oversee the implementation of the unanimous resolution against terrorism passed by the in-camera session.

The Senate resolution against drone attacks said strikes inside Pakistan were a gross violation of Pakistanís sovereignty. The resolution underlined that continued incursions were harming the governmentís efforts to seek a political solution through dialogue.

The House said such strikes were an effort to undermine parliament. It called on the government to ensure such attacks did not recur. The House called on the government to protest with the US as well as NATO and ISAF authorities, and to seek assurances for full respect of Pakistanís sovereignty.

The senators urged the government to implement parliamentís earlier resolution against US drone attacks inside Pakistani territory, rather than merely passing resolutions. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Senator Ishaq Dar asked the government to ensure implementation of the resolution, which guarantees sanctity of the Pakistani territory. He demanded the government should inform the House of any action taken to stop such violations.

Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Khursheed Ahmad said foreign forces should know parliament was warning them through the unanimous resolution.

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