The Guardian

Issue No: 1389 . 5 November, 2008

  • Editorial: Indigenous jobs scheme
  • For market gods or for the people?
  • Cry for help
  • Australia’s growing gambling addiction
  • Women’s workplace rights
  • Sacked for exposing Telstra
  • Qld deal shows good union bargain
  • Victorian Uni plans to cut 250 staff
  • Keep WA GM free!
  • Guarantee funding for TAFE
  • New reserve currency: the Chinese Yuan
  • An interview with James Fergusson
  • Historic launch of Venezuelan satellite
  • Russia, China may ditch US dollar
  • Pakistan: resolution blasts US attacks
  • Syria: US raid kills eight
  • Shots heard round the world
  • Culture and Life: Shameful behaviour
    Articles in PDF format:
  • West Africa: Drug crime threat
  • UN rejects illegal US blockade
  • "Your wage stops here…"
  • Argentina nationalises pension funds
  • Dingo bytes
  • TV programs worth watching
  • Letters to the Editor