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Weasel Words heading Issue #2061


Vicious No, not the old Lou Reed song. “Vicious” is how how 9 Newspapers describe Paul Keating’s description of Jens Stoltenberg the secretary general of...

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Issue #1950

Social imperialism: its history and effects

In some sections of the international communist movement today, China is characterised as imperialist, capitalist, or “social imperialist.” Despite being around since the turn of the last century, the phrase “social imperialism” really took flight when the international communist movement split in the 1960s under the weight of the divisions between the Soviet Union and China.

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Issue #2042

Apartheid complicity

Richard Falk and Virginia Tilley’s 2017 report for the UN Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (“Israeli Practices towards the Palestinian People and the...

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Global briefs Issue #2058


NIGERIA: Islamic extremists killed at least seven farmers in north-east Nigeria, local authorities said, in an attack that further threatens food security in the hard-hit...

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Issue #2016

Beware the “Asian NATO”

From 28-30th June, NATO leaders met in Madrid, producing a new Strategic Concept and declaring that Russia and China are the key threats to western...

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Global briefs Issue #2096


MALDIVES: Almost 284,000 people were eligible to vote in Maldives’ parliamentary elections last Sunday. The island country consists of nearly 2,000 coral islands across 800 km...

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Issue #2011


A historical perspective brings into sharper focus US imperialism’s strategies in the Asia-Pacific since WW2. The victory over fascism – German Nazism and Japanese militarism,...

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