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Upcoming Events: Perth

Stop AUKUS – Say no to nuclear submarines!

February 19

Sat | 12:00 pm


Join us in Perth’s Murray Street at Noon, Saturday, 19th February to stand against warmongering and the introduction of nuclear submarines to Australia; some of which will be moored at Garden Island, one nuclear accident away from Perth.

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Upcoming Events: Sydney

Resisting AUKUS & war on China

February 12

Sat | 11:00 am


A meeting with Noam Chomsky and …

Get the real information on AUKUS see what a terrible turn it would be for Australia and the region. Stop AUKUS and the nuke powered subs!

We are delighted that Noam Chomsky will be the main speaker, a progressive intellectual from the USA but well known throughout the world via his writings in articles, books and activism.

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