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Issue #1951

Fairer NDIS for all

On Saturday 20th of February, approximately 100 people gathered at the State Library of Victoria to fight independent assessments and for an improved, more accessible, and fair disability service.

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Issue #1979

Health and safety is in our hands

In May 2021, a Megaphone article titled “Knowledge is Power In Fight Against Gendered Violence” was published.

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Issue #1950

Truckies pushed to the curb: no respect for our essential workers

At 2 am on Thursday the 11th of February there was a crash between three trucks at the SA-Victorian border two hours after the SA government shut its border to Victoria. One of the trucks was carrying chemicals that caused the crash to be fiery.

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Issue #1952

Roll over, roll over for $43.57 a day!

When I imagine cabinet ministers meeting with stakeholders to discuss JobSeeker, I see a bunch of terrifying posh people pushing reports and numbers aside for the night to drink, laugh and celebrate their insidious genius.

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Issue #1955

McCormick’s picket

Thursday 25th March marked four weeks since workers at McCormick Foods factory went on strike late in February. Workers, with the support of the community, have been operating a 24/7 picket out the front of the factory in Clayton South in Victoria.

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Issue #1956

NSW floods not a single story

In late March, floods covered 600 km along the NSW coast with tens of thousands of people evacuated from their homes. This event has been referred to in the media as a once in a 100-year event.

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