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Front cover of Issue #2060

Battle against book bans

NEW YORK: Bans on books centring LGBTQ+ people and people of colour are sweeping the country. Led by far-right parents and politicians claiming books dealing...

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Issue #2043

Book Banning American Style

For anyone who is a book lover what is happening across the USA will be shocking. Over the past year, a nationwide campaign has removed...

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Issue #2081

Worth Reading: Australia

The Split: Australian Labor in the Fifties Robert Murray Robert Murray’s The Split: Australian Labor in the Fifties concerns the split in the Labor Party...

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Cold tea for Brandy – A Tale of Protest, Painting and Politics book cover (cropped) Issue #2084

Vale Joan Marjorie Coxsedge

Joan Coxsedge was born in Ballarat, Victoria. She was a driving force in the Save Our Sons Movement which opposed conscription for the Vietnam War,...

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