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Issue #1952

We need a working class climate plan, not capitalist greenwashing

Based on his government’s shiny new climate plan, it doesn’t seem like Justin Trudeau gets irony.

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Issue #1976

The farce of BHP turning away from fossil fuels

BHP, the world’s second largest mining company, is selling off a lot of its global gas and oil assets to Australian outfit Woodside Petroleum.

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Issue #1991

Climate activist pays the price for government inaction

A climate activist who climbed on top of a coal train, which led to a five-hour delay of fifteen coal trains between Newcastle and Maitland,...

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Issue #1988

Limiting global warming to 1.5° “on life support”

The United Nations Climate Change Conference – dubbed COP26 – has recently ended in Glasgow after two busy weeks in which 120 heads of state,...

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Issue #1980

Two new coal mines green-lit, gov’t ignores climate emergency

The federal government continues to fail Australia’s future generations as it deepens its commitment to coal.

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Issue #2012

The sun will shine, the wind will blow

Australia is on the brink of a total collapse of its domestic energy market amid a crisis that has been decades in the making. If...

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