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Issue #1952

We need a working class climate plan, not capitalist greenwashing

Based on his government’s shiny new climate plan, it doesn’t seem like Justin Trudeau gets irony.

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Issue #1976

The farce of BHP turning away from fossil fuels

BHP, the world’s second largest mining company, is selling off a lot of its global gas and oil assets to Australian outfit Woodside Petroleum.

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Issue #1991

Climate activist pays the price for government inaction

A climate activist who climbed on top of a coal train, which led to a five-hour delay of fifteen coal trains between Newcastle and Maitland,...

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Issue #2025


Well may we say God Save the Queen […] Just two instances, from the time she first sat on the throne in 1952, dutiful representative...

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Issue #2028

Coal industry workers in Australia are taking their destiny into their own hands

The coal industry is to Australia what the Second Amendment of the US Constitution (granting citizens the right to bear arms) is to the United...

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Issue #2022


In a sign of widespread frustration, nurses and that midwives in NSW took 24-hour strike action on the 1st September over their demands for safe...

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Issue #1988

Limiting global warming to 1.5° “on life support”

The United Nations Climate Change Conference – dubbed COP26 – has recently ended in Glasgow after two busy weeks in which 120 heads of state,...

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Issue #2044


Anna Pha Last month Labor’s minister for environmental destruction, Tanya Plibersek, quietly granted Santos a licence to open 116 new coal seam gas wells in...

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Issue #1980

Two new coal mines green-lit, gov’t ignores climate emergency

The federal government continues to fail Australia’s future generations as it deepens its commitment to coal.

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Issue #2029

Australia: The big polluter

Australia is the world’s largest gas and coal exporter. There are currently 114 new or expanded fossil fuel projects awaiting approval. In 2021-22, governments in...

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Issue #2012

The sun will shine, the wind will blow

Australia is on the brink of a total collapse of its domestic energy market amid a crisis that has been decades in the making. If...

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