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Issue #1978

Medal bonuses don’t address ableism in Paralympic funding

On Thursday, 2nd September, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that medalists at this year’s Paralympic Games would get equal payments to their Olympic counterparts for the first time in Australian history.

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Issue #2036

Dealing with a disability and the NDIS process

Our grandson was placed with us when he was a baby. He was a victim of crime and is now living with an acquired brain...

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Issue #1978

Disabled and Neurodivergent Workers’ Alliance gains momentum

The Disabled and Neurodivergent Workers’ Alliance (DNWA), an organisation of neurodivergent and disabled workers both employed and unemployed, held their first AGM online in late August.

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Issue #2024

Multi-employer bargaining key to improving working conditions: ACOSS and ACTU

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has joined with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) to call on the Albanese government to implement...

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Issue #2004

Politicians treat marginalised peoples as props

E Lennon As the two major parties press towards a 21st May election day, their treatment of marginalised peoples worsens. People with Disability Australia (PWD)...

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Issue #1979


CORRECTION The Guardian needs to correct the name of “Disabled and Neurodiverse Workers’ Alliance” to “Disabled and Neurodivergent Workers Alliance” (DNWA). The article also claimed...

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Issue #1956

Government’s contempt for disabled people can no longer be ignored

It is hardly a shocker to hear of the Coalition government’s antipathy towards its nation’s most disadvantaged people. But with recent facts coming to light this month, the government’s attacks on disabled people have gone from predictable to egregious.

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