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Issue #1969

The Communist Party Of China celebrates 100 years – for good reason

The Communist Party of China (CPC) commemorated its centenary on Thursday 1st July with an impressive range of memorable celebrations across the nation.

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Issue #1976

China’s common prosperity – the next step in the building of socialism

President Xi Jinping has announced the next steps in resolving inequality in China following the monumental achievement of eradicating extreme poverty and reaching a moderately prosperous society.

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Issue #1966

US rallies allies against China at G7 Summit

The US-led Group of 7 (G7) Summit took place last weekend in Cornwall, England, where an official report was issued openly undermining China’s policies and practices.

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Issue #1973

Anti-mask is anti-working class

Thousands of anti-maskers have gathered in major centres around the country in opposition to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Issue #1954

Royal racism no surprise

The mainstream media have sensationalised the most recent British royal family racism scandal, despite the monarchy’s long history of colonialism.

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Issue #1949

McBride: the making of a whistleblower

“Something would have died inside of me” reflected Whistleblower Major David McBride this week ...

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Issue #1967

Climate cooperation cancelled with largest trading partner over baseless national security concerns

A cooperative research partnership between Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and China’s Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology (QNLM) has been cancelled.

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Issue #1953

The Aged Scare industry: how privatisation leads to suffering and death

Horrifying stories of neglect, abuse and poor treatment of elderly people in Aged Care facilities and homes across Australia have been exposed

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Issue #1982

Victory for China: Meng returns home

Meng Wanzhou, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Chinese tech company Huawei, has been released from detention after being held illegally in Canada for over 1000 days.

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Issue #1950

Yemen’s Victory against War

The new Biden administration announced it will end US support for offensive operations in Yemen, following a six-year war which has claimed the lives of over 200,000 innocent Yemenis ...

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US-China talks Issue #1956

Blinken blinks first at US-China Summit in Alaska

Top officials from China and the United States (US) exchanged verbal blows at the Alaska Summit last week, after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan opened the session by making false and unwarranted accusations about China’s governance and international affairs.

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Issue #1957

Workers forced to pay for crisis

Australian government income support for the COVID19 crisis, JobKeeper and JobSeeker, has ceased and been revised from April despite ongoing hardships for workers in Australia relating to the pandemic.

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Issue #1965

New insights into the Stolen Generations

A recently updated report released a staggering increase in Indigenous people disclosing themselves as Stolen Generations survivors.

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Issue #1978

McCarthyism on the rise in Australian universities

In Australia’s latest self-sabotaging attack on China, the Morrison government has released a proposal that targets students and academics at Australian universities

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Issue #1974

Stolen Generation reparations welcome, but do not match the real costs!

The Morrison government has announced $378mil in reparations for survivors of the Stolen Generation in the Northern Territory (NT) and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) as part of a $1bil commitment to the Closing the Gap framework.

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Issue #1955

Then they came for Asians

A 21-year-old white male has admitted to shooting eight people to death, including six women of Asian descent in and around Atlanta, Georgia, US. Concerned groups have hit the streets ...

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