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Issue #1950

Demonstrators protest ongoing lockout of Coles workers

Three-hundred and fifty workers at the Smeaton Grange Coles warehouse have been indefinitely locked out of their workplace.

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Issue #2091


As the body count in Gaza and the West Bank continues to rise after hitting 30,000, Richard Marles and Penny Wong claim that Australia is...

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Issue #2089


You’ve probably heard about Brad Banduccio’s train-wreck interview on a recent episode of Four Corners. The Woolworths CEO put on a worker’s shirt so as...

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Supermarket aisle. Issue #2074

Supermarket workers’ historic action

Coles and Woolworths workers were the essential worker heroes of our pandemic. They turned up to work throughout the entire pandemic, thrown onto the frontline...

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Coles in Chadstone Shopping Centre. Issue #2088

Price gouging: unions respond

On 7 February, former Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Chair Professor Allan Fels handed down his wide-ranging report into price gouging and unfair pricing...

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pointed finger Issue #2082

Are YOU responsible for inflation?

Inflation! It’s bad, although we’re all up for a pay rise if anyone’s offering (they usually aren’t). Someone’s to blame, and it can’t be the...

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