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Palestine Solidarity Protest in San Francisco. Issue #2097

Anti-genocide encampments go global

Massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations and occupations continued across universities in the United States, Europe, and Australia as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes under increasing pressure...

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Global briefs Issue #2061


BRITAIN: The number of construction workers killed in site accidents rose sharply from 29 to 45 last year, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has...

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Global briefs Issue #2043

GERMANY: Anti-war demonstrations were held in many countries last weekend, a year after the special operation in the Ukraine started. The largest by far was...

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Issue #2043

Nationwide demonstrations against AUKUS

The Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition (AAAC) co-ordinated a series of successful rallies on 24 February at the offices of Federal Ministers around the country. The rallies...

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Issue #2047


A vocal and forceful protest demonstration took place at 8 in the morning of 21st March outside the Western Australian Defence Forum ( in Rockingham...

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Harry at protest. Issue #2096

Haarootune (Harry) Ohannes Koopelian

Harry Koopelian passed away on the 8th March, 2024 in Gladesville (Sydney) after a long illness. Harry joined the Socialist Party of Australia in the...

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Issue #2081


Lenin said of the Paris Commune that to Marx it was “more important than hundreds of programs and arguments,” because the Commune was real action,...

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