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Issue #1948

Australia fails to commit to nuclear ban

While the US Nuclear First Strike capability remains intact, the threat of global nuclear catastrophe continues to linger ...

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Issue #2065

Hiroshima Day

Sydney Sydney – walking towards the Defence Department. Hiroshima/ Nagasaki Day 2023, was one of the best attended for years. The bombing of two cities...

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Issue #1996

Brisbane branch campaign against AUKUS, casualisation, and climate change

There is no rest for the Brisbane Branch of the CPA as we continue our campaign against the IR omnibus Bill, the AUKUS nuclear submarine...

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Issue #2031


The wholesale theft from Optus and Medibank of the personal information of their customers by hackers brings forth a quote from Karl Marx: “Finally, there...

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Nuclear-powered submarine USS OHIO at Delta Pier, Bangor, Washington. Issue #2061

Richard Marles self-regulates

It is a fundamental principle that the regulation of industries must be independent of the industries themselves. This is particularly important where products that have...

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Global briefs Issue #2054


JAPAN: Dozens of anti-nuclear activists protested to demand Japan scrap its plans to dump radioactive waste water from the Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean...

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Issue #2017

Hiroshima Nagasaki never again

Sign the treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons Build a peaceful pacific On 6th August, 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese...

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Issue #2047

Nuclear waste in South Australia

Holding the largest single deposit of uranium anywhere in the world located at Olympic Dam, inevitably, South Australia has been set on the road to...

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Nuclear waste Issue #2105

Peter Dutton & the nuclear shit show

We watched in horror as Peter Dutton and a whole cavalcade of Coalition ministers rolled out their nuclear nightmare in a blatant attempt to keep...

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Placard Issue #2056

Fight Climate Change Not War speak out and march Fremantle

On Saturday 27th May, several anti-war, anti-nuclear and climate activist groups held a speak-out on the AUKUS Agreement signed in September 2021 between Australia, the...

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PEACE NOTES Issue #2105


By the time you read this everybody will have had a gutful of Peter Dutton’s idea of building nuclear reactors around the country while crippling...

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PEACE NOTES Issue #2107


Hiroshima Day will be with us soon, on 6 August. Next year will be the 80th anniversary of the first military use of an atomic...

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Issue #1979

NO to Nuclear Submarine Madness!

We condemn unreservedly the new tripartite agreement, AUKUS, between Australia, the UK, and the US and the announcement that Australia will have nuclear powered submarines.

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Issue #2041


Friday 24th February 2023 Australian Anti-AUKUS Coalition (AAAC) We say: NO to nuclear submarines NO to east coast sub base NO to AUKUS NO...

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Issue #2048

Palm Sunday Peace Rally 2023 Adelaide

A gathering of dedicated peace activists met on the steps of Parliament House in North Terrace (Adelaide) in advocacy for peace which seems so fragile...

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Issue #2047

“Port Kembla, not Fort Kembla”

Last month the Maritime Union of Australia’s (MUA) Southern NSW Branch Secretary Mick Cross welcomed news that Port Kembla will become a large-scale venue for...

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A picture of a picture, taken at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial museum after the bomb was dropped.. Issue #2063

For a nuclear free Australia

The 6th of August this year is the 78th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Though Nazi Germany was defeated on 8th May 1945,...

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Issue #2046

Cancel AUKUS! – NO TO WAR!

The Labor government’s decision to sign up to AUKUS is potentially the most costly and dangerous decision of any government since federation. It is not...

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Issue #2091


Opposition leader Peter Dutton has been in the news again. He says we should have nuclear to bolster our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. He’s...

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Cessnock November 2013. Issue #2105

Climate disasters force Australians to move a quarter of a million times

Australians have been forced to move more than 240,000 times in recent years due to worsening disasters, with the hardest hit communities experiencing extreme weather...

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Queensland says no to nuclear. Issue #2105

Queensland says no to nuclear

Around 70 people from unions, conservation groups, the general community, and of course the Communist Party of Australia gathered to hear Speakers from the Conservation...

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