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Issue #2031

“Brazil Is Back,”  Says Lula After Election Victory

“Today, we are telling the world that Brazil is back and is too big to be relegated to the sad role of a pariah,” he...

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Issue #1958

Lula cleared to run against Bolsonaro after Supreme Court ruling

Former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is clear to run against Jair Bolsonaro in next year’s presidential election ...

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Issue #2042


GERMANY: Air traffic came to a virtual standstill on the 17th  February with around 2340 flights cancelled. The strike affected almost 300,000 passengers. Germany’s flag...

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Issue #1970

Brazil: Caught between hope and despair

Brazil’s next general election is scheduled to be held next year, on the 2nd October. Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of the Workers’...

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Issue #2014

BRICS, BRICS+, and the new G8”

What are BRICS, BRICS+, and the “new G8”? What is the meaning of these acronyms and why are they important? BRICS To begin with BRICS:...

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Issue #2033


Dear Editor, I am very happy about the recent victory of Lula in regaining the presidency of Brazil, but he has a lot of work...

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Issue #2041


PERU: Hip hop, rock reggae, and punk songs are accompanying the continuing protests of thousands of Peruvians. Displaying unprecedented creativity, Peruvian youth have composed songs...

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Issue #2040


Anna Pha Welcome to Green Notes, a fortnightly column which will cover climate change, environmental issues and biodiversity and their impact on humanity including indigenous...

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