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Issue #2007

Canada: 90th anniversary of the Colonial Building Riot provides a lesson on class conflict and organising

In the early 1930s, the Dominion of Newfoundland was in a deep economic crisis along with many other parts of the capitalist world in the...

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Issue #1977

Why do we work?

Work, like inequality, appears to be a permanent feature of human existence into the foreseeable future.

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Issue #2018

Wages do not cause inflation

Inflation has now risen to 6.1 per cent nationally and workers are feeling the pinch. At the same time corporations and big capital are making...

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Issue #1993


Under the cloak of the global pandemic, the US military-industrial complex is gleefully organising another war to rescue capitalism. The propaganda machine has certainly made...

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Issue #2046

Overproduction – Crazy capitalism

In 1867, Karl Marx wrote of capitalism’s inherent tendency towards overproduction and underconsumption (not enough goods reaching those that need them). No more vulgar example...

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Issue #1965

All the questions socialists have about China but were too afraid to ask

In the 1990s and 2000s conventional Western wisdom was that China had long abandoned socialism.

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Issue #1951

Communist Party of Greece, Joint Statement

A year has passed since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which also acted as a catalyst for the deepening of the capitalist crisis ...

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2084


As our society moves further into late-stage capitalism, we continue to see liberal ideologies adapt to serve the capitalist mode of production. This trend has...

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Issue #1972

Ideology before health

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the failures of capitalism and its neoliberal policies.

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Issue #2023

Class collaboration won’t deliver for workers

Practice, time and time again, has shown class collaboration doesn’t deliver for workers. Efforts by social democracy to water down class struggle through the introduction...

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Issue #2044

We must win the battle of ideas

Working people around the capitalist world have been hit hard from the employer class. Capitalists will always look at how to improve profit margins from...

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Issue #2040

Chalmers’ oxymoron

Treasurer Jim Chalmers says it is time to “rethink capitalism,” time for a “values-based capitalism” with “efficient markets.” He is critical of the neoliberal responses...

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Issue #2079

Cost of living crisis

One of the biggest issues facing households is the cost of living crisis and the failure of governments to take action to ease the situation....

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