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Palestinian flag. Issue #2083

South Africa takes Israel to the ICJ for genocide

A brilliant, sharp, and targeted presentation from South Africa has made history. Its 84-page filing to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has condemned Israel...

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Palestine rally Issue #2091

Paths to Palestinian statehood

Israel continues to ignore entreaties from countries around the world, and international bodies. Its plans for Rafah are still going ahead despite increasing multilateral resistance....

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Rally For Palestine, Dunedin, NZ, November 2023. Issue #2092

Palestine: Australia joins Western cruelty

The news that the Australian government decided to cancel visas for Palestinian refugees, effectively leaving them stateless, shows what kind of cruelty the West, including...

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Palestinian Ambassador HE Izzat Abdulhadi with Andrew Irving. Issue #2096

Palestinian Ambassador speaks

Interview with Palestinian Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Izzat Abdulhadi: part one. Interviewer: A Carruthers AC: Your Excellency, I first want to convey greetings from...

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The Echidna Strategy: Australia’s Search for Power and Peace. Issue #2079

The Echidna Strategy: Australiaís Search for Power and Peace

Sam Roggeveen is Director of the conservative Lowy Institute’s International Security Program, and used to work for the Office of National Assessments, Australia’s peak intelligence...

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Emblem of Laos Issue #2095

LPRP and Laos Development

In 2016, the Laos People’s Revolutionary Party formalised Kaysone Phomvihane Thought at their 10th Congress. Kaysone Phomvihane was Laotian leader from 1975 till his death...

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Monastery of Saint Theodosius, Palestine. Issue #2097

Palestine and the world

Part one: ‘Palestinian Ambassador speaks’ Issue #2096 29-04-2024 Interviewer: A Carruthers AC: Thinking about the PLO and the various progressive forces in Palestine reminds me...

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Cuban Ambassador HE Tanieris Dieguez with Andrew Irving. Issue #2091

Cuban Ambassador Tanieris Dieguez La O

AC: Ambassador, the US blockade of Cuba has had devastating effects on the lives of ordinary Cubans. What are some of the struggles Cuban people...

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Rally for Palestine, Sydney. Issue #2090

Government opposes Palestine ceasefire

Benjamin Netanyahu’s language has gone biblical again. In a statement issued 29 February he repeatedly called for “total victory” and God’s “vengeance,” stressing the support...

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Rafah emergency rally, Boorloo/Perth 16 February. Issue #2088

Palestine, Middle East: the West is complicit

In the maelstrom of news surrounding the Palestine genocide it’s easy to forget fundamentals. One of those fundamentals is Western complicity. The United States government,...

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